What is Hypnosis?

We have all heard or spoken of someone being “in a trance” meaning being so focused on a train of thought, activity or task that the person becomes almost oblivious to their surroundings, other voices, external sounds etc

Have you ever spoken to someone who had that ‘far away’ look in their eyes, and found they didn’t seem to hear you? It was because that person was in a mild state of trance.

It happens when driving too. Have you ever driven somewhere and are so used to that journey that you seem to be on auto pilot? When you arrive you realise you can’t remember much of the journey, yet you did everything you needed to do and arrived at your destination. That is another light trance state. Trance is a naturally occurring state, one that we go in and out of many times every day.

The hypnotherapist is skilled at guiding the subject into a trance state. The key word here is “guiding”, for this is not some mysterious power that the hypnotherapist has but rather a natural ability the client already possesses.

There are different depths of trance and for many therapeutic purposes a light state of trance is sufficient to make changes. Not only is it a natural and harmless state, it is also very relaxing and pleasant.

Hypnotherapy is a gentle but effective therapy that has many applications. Some of these include curing phobias, helping with anxiety, gaining confidence, dealing with past events that may have some debilitating effect on a person, stopping smoking and many others. You may simply wish to experience hypnotic trance just to enjoy a deeply calming and relaxing experience.

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